Why this site named as Vampires and what is the purpose of the site?

Nowadays people are showing such a thirst at vampires as like vampires shows thirst at blood. Vampires are the most attractive characters ever created in human history.(That is why this site named as Vampires.) Before I heard about those vampires, I was starting to change myself in some way. It was not a fiction, not just a fantasy. But after I see this attraction towards vampires, I was started to worry. It is because people living in such a fantasy, wishing to be a vampire, but can't. This is the main reason of I thought to create a site for this purpose. So, This site is not only another site for vampires. But here I have a way to make a person powerful. Not by saying many words, But by taking through a proper training. But one thing must say clearly, here vampires not leads people to drink blood. Vampire movie makers and story writers using that for another reason. In vampire monastery page we will discuss those things.



Here a bit more to understand how the story came on.

In 1431 a prince born in the central region of modern day Romania. He was known by the name 'prince of Wallachia' or most known name is 'Vlad the Impaler'. In the same year this prince father who is known as 'Vlad 2' was given a knight name 'Order of the Dragon' in old romanian languge 'Drac' is a name for 'Dragon'. So later Vlad the Impaler, Vlad 3 was known as son of Drac, or in old romanian 'Draculea' or most known name 'Dracula'. After 466 years of the birth of Vlad 3, son of Dracula, an aouther Bram Stoker wrote a novel 'Dracula'. Bram used Vlad 3's some values to create his character 'Dracula'. But in real, there is nothing much common between those two characters. After Bram Stokers Dracula it was started many stories and movies based on this same characteristics. Because Dracula sucks blood, he was known as a Vampire. So this famous, attractive name came in to theatre. Though the story is completely a fiction, it is spread among people as a pure truth. In the first stage of the story, Vampires was scarry and somewhat ugly creatures, but in this modern day Vampires are showing as very attactive, powerful and good looking creatures. That is a second era. Though this 2nd era Vampires are attractive looking, they have no powers. They are mostly in screen. Now here begining the 3rd era, which is a new generation of really powerful Vampires!.