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Thank you so much for giving your time. Here you can make new friends, chat online, share your ideas as like in any other social site. Most of all what is special in Vampires is you can learn and  improve yourself to be a powerful person. As like a Vampire? Yes! and more than that! all techniques are based on true facts!


Welcome to a new Era

Vampires are a perennial favorite around Halloween, but they can be found year-round in movies and on television, in books and on blogs. The public's thirst for vampires endless as vampires' thirst for blood. But here an extension, That fantasy gonna  be true here!!!





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Who are Vampires? And why?

Throughout all history of humans, we can see they created some powerful characters as like gods and demons. This shows that humans wanted power. Instead of trying to become powerful, they started to create fantasies and started to living in those fantasies. Humans fall on their knees infront of what they have created. Humans started to pray, begging, instead of looking into themselves. They seems totally forgot that they have an amazing thing on their NECK!


 In human brain, it says there is 60 to 80 million neurons, which are communicating cells. It says that single neuron has a capacity of a modern home computer. So THINK! there is a capacity in your brain of 80 million computers! But, here a SAD thing to say. Humans are not using that power. They use only 5, 10% of it. But with that LOW BATTERY they can survive. They can work, they can do sports, they can create something, and they are the BEST among all living beings on earth. Now think, what IF we can INCREASE this percentage? What would be the RESULT?! Here you have something to THINK. 



     VAMPIRES! beyond the fantasy.


Since at the history of humans, they had something above them.. Some are visible and some are not. If they can't understand something or if they saw something seems powerful, they applied a personality for those things. So, those things becomes gods or demons. While years passing centuries, those gods and demons were divided in to classes. Some are much powerful, some are less in powers, but all were above humans.  But humans never wanted to make themselves powerful as like those gods and demons. They worshiped those "things". While thousands of years passing, humans improved in their skills, knowledge, creativity etc. But always those "things exists above humans. Though how much developed the human race, they never thought to be powerful in themselves, instead of that, they made weapons. But without those physical things, humans were totally weak. They had not natural weapons as like in animals bodies. But humans have most powerful thing on their neck. But they not discovered it enough to be powerful as like their creations.  They improved things around them, but unfortunately not inside them. So, they always wanted a fantasy. Here in this new era, the door is open to a new dimension!

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Vmpires! just not a fantasy anymore!


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